Wedding Hair Accessories

We recently stumbled upon a new hot spot for wedding hair accessories, and couldn’t be more excited about it!  E. Kammeyer Hair Accessories are beautifully handmade pieces that can be customized to meet any brides desires. The designs are one of a kind and are all made personally by E. Kammeyer herself in her New York City design studio. Check out a few pieces featured on her newly launched website


What the Concept Wed team loves most about E. Kammeyer Hair Accessories is the personal time and attention the designer dedicates to each bride. Every bride is sure to get a one of a kind piece that shows off who she is and who she wants to be on her wedding day – just contact E. Kammeyer via her website. And of course for those brides who do not have time or patience to wait for something custom there are hair pieces already designed that you can order, which of course are simply amazing.

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